The entire burl was found in a barn in Sweden (see photo)

Its a 21 year old birch burl. An old farmer who was now 85 found it in the forest 21 years ago and took it with him.


The end result is all done by hand.

And finished with 3 layers of natural oil.

On the outside, we left the traces of his age (+/- 60 years) and the 21-year journey after being cut down intact.

After sawing, the beautiful grain from the inside was shown.

It has a beautiful grain pattern and beautiful colors, , for which burlwood is known

A truly unique piece, there is no 2nd one.


Unique, beautiful, handmade and built to last.


The piece, like everything we make, is completely unique and made by hand.


Do you want something different or something similar, but just a little more to your own wishes? please contact us for the possibilities. A lot is possible.

Birch burl side table

  • Specifications:

    Length: 70 cm
    Width: 55 cm
    Height: 41 cm
    Weight: 26 kg