Side table with unique piece of wood with spalting** in the shape of a horseshoe.

Casted in black slightly transparent epoxy resin in combination with blue metallic pigment, which gives a very nice green effect in the table.

The legs are made of steel and a protected against rust with a transparent wax. This protects the legs, but also ensures that the steel is visible.

Like all our products, this product is handmade from start to finish.

**Spalting is an early stage of a wood fungus, which at this stage provides a very unique and beautiful drawing and has not yet had a negative effect on the wood. And will remain at this stage.

Do you want something different or something similar, but just a little more to your own wishes? please contact us for the possibilities. A lot is possible.

Horseshoe side table

  • Specifications:

    Diameter: 43 cm
    Height: 44 cm
    Weight: 6 kg